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Device Tester Hardware Integrity

Using CAN-DeviceNet and USB Protocols.

Airsens Controller for Corona Diagnostic

An Add-on Controller for medicine system..

Miniature Color Detector

USB - Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

Application Miniature Computer

Triple Core CPU + DDR3 and Gigabit LAN.

Programmable Potentiostat & Nano-Pores Fabricator

4 Channel Potentiostat for Nano Pores Fabrication.

Comprehensive Programmable Controller for GC-MS System

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Controller.

Comprehensive Programmable Controller for Cargo Explosives Detector

Cargo Controller for Detection of Explosives by Silicon Nanowire.

Smart Programmable High Voltage RF Pulse Generator

Controller for Dielectric Barrier Discharge System.

Method for Measurement of Crystal Concentration in Water

Electro-Optical System to Real-Time Measurement of Crystal Concentration.

Programmable Controller for Fast GC-OP System

Controller for Fast Gas Chromatography and Open Probe System.

Programmable Controller for SNW Sensing System

Controller for Sensing System Using Silicon Nano Wire.

High Precision 32 Channels Programmable Source Meter

Source Meter for Supersensitive Detection of Explosives by Silicon Nanowire.

Electronic Transformer with Mix Energy

Mix Energy Converter - Direct AC+DC to AC Converter .

Compact Mobile STM

Mobile Scanning Tunneling Microscope Controller.

Miniature Hand Held  Drug Detector

Hand Held Miniature Rape Drug Detector.

Six Channels H.V. Pulse Pattern Generator

High Voltage (125V) Pulse Pattern Generator for Piezoelectric Stepper Motor.

Multi Channel Plate Amplifier

Ultra Low Noise 400 MHz Amplifier for Multi Channel Plate.

Programmable High Speed Power  Driver

150V / 200A High Speed Driver for Supersonic Valve.

Programmable Ultra Low Current Meter

Programmable 4 Channels 10 pA Current Meter.

Programmable H.V. Waveform Generator

Programmable 4 Channels 350V Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

Programmable Ink-Jet Cartridges Driver

Smart Driver to use Standard Ink-Jet Cartridges to Spraying Scent

Precision TEC Controller

Precision (0.01C) Temperature Regulator by Thermo-Electric Cooler.

Multi Channel H.V. Amplifier

Programmable Multi Channels 350V / 100 KHz Variable Gain Amplifier.

Real Time DSP for Line Power Controller

Direct AC to AC Converter / Regulator - Electronic Transformer.

Voice & Music DSP Processor 

High Quality Voice & Music Processor - TI TMS320DM6437 + DDR2 + USB2.

Modeling & Analysis of Accelerometer 

Modeling, Analysis and Calculation of Motion under Accelerometer Sensing.

General Purpose I/O Power Interface 

General Purpose Power Data Acquisition Card - ECP & USB.

Multi Channel PID Temperature Controller 

Multi Channel (4-32) PWM PID Temperature Controller Using TEC .

A Wireless System for Monitoring Leakage of Body Fluids 

Wireless (50 meter) system for Monitoring Leakage of Body Fluids (Blood or Urine).

Prototyping & Modeling of Piezoelectric Speaker 

70 db Piezoelectric Speaker with no Magnetic Elements.

Sniff Probe Controller 

Sniff Probe Controller for Analytical Chemistry.

Programmable High Energy Pulse Generator 

High Speed Pulser for Inductive Load - Using Programmable Logic & VHDL.

Three Channels Stepper Motor Driver

Mini Laboratory inTechnological System - Robot and Conveyor.

Multi IO Power Interface

General Purpose External Data Acquisition Power Interface.

Multi IO Internal Interface

General Purpose Internal Data Acquisition Interface.

Educational Evaluations Board

Educational EVB for Micro Processor and Micro Controller Course.

High Voltage Precision Amplifier

High Voltage High Power Precision Amplifier.



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