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Automobile Electronic Transceiver Device.

No’ 143964            25-06-2001.

Method and Device for Preventing use of Non-Original Optical Media.

No’ 152769            11-11-2002.

A system for Monitoring Leakage of Body Fluids.

No’ 162245            31-05-2004.

Method and Device for Preventing Replication of Original Media and Use of ...

No’ 162657            21-06-2004.

A Method of Verifying The Authenticity of Media or Identifying its Technology.

No’ 170543            29-08-2005.

Limited Use Optical Media.

No’ 174291            13-03-2006.  

System, Apparatus And Method For Uninterruptible Power Supply.

No' 233398             12-04-2012.  

Methods And Kits For Detection Of Drugs.

No' 077110 A2        14-06-2012.  

Multi-Input Uninterruptible Power Supply with an AC Voltage Output.

No' 12725527.1       26-11-2013.  


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